• BC/ DR Strategery

    No longer tied to the physical…thinking house boat after the last two 500 year storms.

  • New site online…Finally!

    Site is up and self hosted on AWS! Next taking a look a customizations, capabilities, security, DNS, and the rest. There will be all sorts of dynamic changes to the site happening as I build this out. Please excuse my awkward growth spurt.

  • 1st Day of the New Job – Dude I got a Dell

    Welcome to VMware Oct 12, 2015!!! 1st Day on the job. Acquisition is usually something that takes place around the time you ask for a promotion…Fortunately I’m in and pumped up for what the future holds.

  • Thank you for all the fish!

    A great friend and colleague took my badge and walked me to the door on Friday…He was the one that opened the door to the last 5+ incredible years! Thank you Sir Robert for your support, coaching, and motivation!